International Air Charter

The world is a big and beautiful place, and it is the dream of many to see it with all its benefits. Company Chiefs, Celebrities and royalty often use our services for International air charter. One Private Charter is proud to offer private jets across the world for all budgets, number of passengers and variations of trusted, secure Private jets.

The difference between international air charter and commercial flights is the fact that there are a lot of restraints applying to the latter. There you will need to reserve a seat and make sure you wait for an available flight, which is governed by a lot of factors that you don’t have the power to alter. With our air charter services, you are the boss of your own trip, and you can safely expect to be able to fly within the very same day that you need to reach a certain destination.

Whether you are taking a London private jet or using our air charter Dubai services, you will receive a dedicated charter specialist that’s on hand 24/7.

Price is something, so what is the cost of a private jet charter? People can be put off when it comes to International air charter, and the word private jet. You will be happy to realise however that there are a lot of factors, that are responsible for pricing and this of course means that it can be lowered in more than one way. A good example of this is the empty leg service. These Private Jets will be making a return trip or positioning leg without any passengers, naturally we can offer these trips at a considerable discount.

When you call our team of highly trained specialists, we will always check the availability of any empty leg opportunities that could suit your requirements.