Aircraft Charter Europe

European Travel is very important for many travellers especially those who travel to the European cities for business meetings. We offer aircraft charter Europe services that rival any charter company; we have access to 1000’s of Jet and small plane charter movements across all parts of Europe. One Private Charter is proud to offer private charters to meet all budgets, number of passengers travelling and variations of trusted, secure Private jets and small plane charters through-out Europe.

The difference between our aircraft charter Europe services and commercial flights is that you are chartering the entire plane. Therefor if you fill the aircraft seat capacity the business trip can be more affordable than traveling commercially with hotel and ground transport. Your dedicated aircraft can wait for you and have you returned to the office in the same day.

Whether you are taking a private jet to Europe or using our air taxi service, you will receive a dedicated charter specialist that will be on hand 24/7.

Price is a big factor in organising a private charter flight. One private charter often arranges charters to Europe which enables us to have empty leg flights. A good example of the empty leg flight is when either a Private Jet or small aircraft used for air taxi is making a return trip or positioning leg ‘empty’ without any passengers, we can offer the empty leg trips at a considerable discount.

When you call our team of highly trained specialists, we will firstly check the availability ‘empty’ flight leg opportunities that would suit your requirements.